educationtechnews.comStudents get suspended for teacher's iPad gaffe

Students get suspended for teacher’s iPad gaffe

October 25, 2012 by Claire Knight
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In school, students often learn a hard lesson: Life isn’t fair. But this example takes the cake. In Indiana, four middle school students have been suspended — and threatened with expulsion.

Their infraction? While playing a game in class on their school-issued iPads, one of the teenage boys pushed a button, and a topless photo of their teacher appeared on the screen.

While not confirmed, it’s believed that the photo was unintentionally sent to students’ school-issued iPads when the teacher synced her personal iPhone to her school-owned iPad.

Lesson for schools

Social media and tech policies must:

  • address the ways that technology has blurred the traditional lines between school and home
  • warn staffers about adding school-owned technology to their personal accounts, and
  • explain that using some convenience features (such as iCloud, in this instance) can come back to bite them in unexpected ways.

The district said it has taken action against the teacher, but refused to specify what that action was. It also confirmed she’s still an employee.

Assistant Superintendent Beth Clark said the school’s tech-use policy was followed — and what happened was “an accident,” according to local reports.

But in spite of the teacher’s “accident,” Clark insisted that the boys’ suspensions will not be lifted. She noted that parents can appeal the discipline if they disagree with it.

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  • Mel

    When are people ever going to learn the consequences of photos in uncompromising positions? It doesn’t matter if it’s between just YOU and your significant other – things can happen – and do! There’s not a reason on earth ANYONE needs this type of photo – unless it’s related to your job as a ‘dancer’ or porn star! As long as you don’t mind anyone else seeing it (but be aware it could be children!!), otherwise keep this stuff at home – where it belongs!

  • Dave

    Before getting carried away with this, read the link to the Forbes story and the comments on it — a different picture is painted than above, and they led me to believe that perhaps the discipline was not “over the top” as suggested here at all.

  • Debbie Teacher

    It is ridiculous that students should receive any disciplinary measures if the teacher was in the wrong. Administrators need to be fair.



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