educationtechnews.comFood fight! Guess who got busted?

Food fight! Guess who got busted?

October 24, 2012 by Jake Simms
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An Arizona high-school student says he tried escaping the lunchroom when a massive food fight broke out.

But two teachers stopped the student, held him down and even punched the high schooler, apparently suspecting the student of having started the food fight.

All of it was caught on a student’s smartphone video.

Yet the biggest surprise of all is the student is now up on charges. County prosecutors accuse Conner Floyd-Elsesser of aggravated assault against a teacher!

Floyd’s attorney, Jason Lamm, says the prosecutors and teacher have a losing case. He doesn’t think they know Floyd has video evidence of the teachers manhandling the student.

Just more evidence that in some schools, students are better off carrying their phones with them at all times, whether it’s against the rules or not.

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