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Facebook lawsuit settled out of court

January 18, 2011 by Claire Knight
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After a student posted a comment about her teacher on Facebook, she was suspended for cyberbullying her teacher. Then she sued.

In Florida, Pembrook Pines Charter High School has agreed to settle a lawsuit filed on behalf of a former student who was accused of cyberbullying her teacher.

On Facebook, student Katie Evans posted a comment that described her English teacher as “the worst teacher I’ve ever met.” The principal suspended Evans for three days for “cyberbullying a staff member.”

As part of the settlement, the school agreed to:

  • expunge the student’s disciplinary record
  • pay $15,000 in legal fees, and
  • pay $1.00 in nominal damages.

When do students’ online posts go too far? Sound off in the comments section below.

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  • Ann

    While in poor taste, the student is entitled to her opinion. I wonder how the parents would have felt, however, if the teacher had posted that Katie was the worst student ever!

  • Labrat

    F@%k that, If you let these spoiled ass kids do what they want then who the hell is going to run our country when they get to that point. Oh never mind they’ll just push a button if they feel like bullying a country. God save this country. Spoiled as mother f%#&rs. And I wouldn’t even pay her a frikin dollar.

  • Labrat

    Another example of the breaking down the fabric of our nation. What happened to our kids? Uh Parents want to answer that one?

  • Nanciel

    I remember saying stuff like that when I was in high school. We just didn’t have Facebook back then. So she doesn’t like that teacher and expressed her opinion publicly. Not the best judgement, no. But bullying? Nah. Sounds like the school did over-react a bit. In my opinion.

  • cmego

    Would it have been different if the comment had been aimed at a fellow student? Or what about a protected class of student? Does cyber-bullying only apply in student-to-student interactions or is it reasonable to extend the application to student-to-teacher, student-to-coach, student-to-teacher’s aid, student-to-custodian, student-to-food service worker, or even student-to-administrator?

  • macduude

    As I recall she did say more than just the “worst teacher”. The other issue is that this is a Charter School. They operate under different rules than a traditional public school. Apparently, they must have been losing the case since they settled.



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