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Caught on camera: Teens’ dating spat in stairwell leads to arrest

July 23, 2014 by Claire Knight

Veteran school officials are well-versed in handling students’ dating drama. Here’s yet another argument for installing surveillance cameras in schools.

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Does school have to share faculty email in court?

July 16, 2014 by Claire Knight

A New Jersey appeals court has overturned a trial judge’s evidence call.

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Former student criminally convicted for sex videos

July 15, 2014 by Claire Knight

In a groundbreaking decision, a New York appeals court has affirmed the state’s unlawful surveillance statute can be used to criminally punish a former student for secretly recording consensual sex acts.

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Legal hassles: 3 colleges on the hot seat

July 9, 2014 by Claire Knight

University officials across the country are facing legal issues. Here’s the latest: 

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Online chat angers professor: What did he next

July 7, 2014 by Claire Knight

As education moves toward online formats, it’s essential to consider problems that might come up in the new learning environment.

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Security breach: 3 students caught hacking

July 2, 2014 by Ashley Zawistowski

Students are becoming more tech savvy, and some are choosing to use their skills in harmful ways.

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Football rivals texting feud leads to free-for-all

June 30, 2014 by Claire Knight

Having decided a federal claim won’t fly, a Georgia federal court refused to hear an injured football coach’s state-law claim and dismissed his suit.

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New student-discipline requirements: What you need to know

June 25, 2014 by Claire Knight

As you probably recall, the U.S. Departments of Education (DOE) and Justice (DOJ) recently teamed up to issue a joint “Dear Colleague” letter.

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Caught on camera: 4 teachers arrested

June 23, 2014 by Ashley Zawistowski

Four more teachers have been caught abusing students in the worst way.

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Social media: Serious problems at 6 schools

June 18, 2014 by Ashley Zawistowski

With new social media platforms popping up every day, it’s nearly impossible to keep up.

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