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50 iPad apps that students love

May 23, 2013 by Claire Knight
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Want to increase the educational value of iPads? Good news, there’s an app for that. Actually, here are 50 worth checking out:

Must-have iPad apps include:

  1. Articles: Even though Wikipedia isn’t a “scholarly” source of information, it still provides a great starting points for students. This app allows users to access Wikipedia articles right from their tablets.
  2. Audiobooks: This free app allows students to listen to more than 5,000 classic books. It is perfect for students who need to study on the go, as well as those who struggle with reading.
  3. Aweditorium: This free music app allows students to check out up-and-coming artists while they’re studying.
  4. Barefoot World Atlas: An interactive 3D globe allows students to take a virtual tour of many regions around the world.
  5. Bento: Busy students will keep their projects and assignments organized with this app.
  6. Berlitz English: Perfect for ELL and ESL students, this app helps students boost their English language skills.
  7. Blackboard Mobile Learn: Many teachers use Blackboard, so it makes sense for students to use this free app to access courses at their convenience.
  8. BookBargain: This free app will help cash strapped students find the best deal on textbooks.
  9. CNN: Students can stay up to date on breaking news with this free app.
  10. Dictionary: This free app provides a basic tool for students. It was listed on Time’s top 10 “Back to School Apps” list.
  11. Dr. Seuss’ The Cat in the Hat Color and Create: Using this app, students can get creative on the go without making a mess.
  12. Dragon Dictation: This free app eliminates the need to invest in a separate keyboard. It includes voice recognition to transcribe messages to text. The developer’s bold claim: It’s up to five times faster than typing on a keyboard.
  13. DocsAnywhere: Students can safely transfer their documents to their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with this app.
  14. Dropbox: With this free app, students can access documents they’ve saved in cloud on their iPad.
  15. Evernote: This free app allows students to take and organize notes on their iPad. Bonus: Evernote includes an audio function that lets students talk their way through notes.
  16. Flash My Brain: Students can use their iPad to create flash cards with this app. Features allow users to shuffle decks and share them with friends.
  17. Friendly Plus for Facebook: With this app, students can access their Facebook profile on their iPad and view photos, chat with friends, upload photos from their tablet and more.
  18. GazziliScience: This app teaches basic science with activities like “Parts of a Plant” and “The Four Seasons.”
  19. GoodReader: This app handles larger PDF and TXT files, so students can access and highlight in larger files on their iPad.
  20. Hello Hello English: This app allows ESL and ELL students to practice real-world practical conversations, including ordering food in a restaurant, asking for directions and much more.
  21. History Maps of the World: With this app, “history and geography collide,” according to Edudemic, which put this app on its 50 must download apps for life-long learner’s list.
  22. Howcast: Students can learn “how to” do many things with videos on their iPads with this free app. The instructional videos include a variety of lessons.
  23. Hugless Douglas: Young students can use their iPads to join Douglas in his pursuit of the perfect hug in this interactive app. Students can read the story themselves or hear it read aloud.
  24. iAnnotate PDF: This app allows students to edit PDF files on their iPads.
  25. iBooks: Never again pay for a book you won’t read. This free app allows students to sample several pages before making the purchase.
  26. ICDL: This free app developed by the International Children’s Digital Library allows users to access thousands of books in several languages
  27. IM+ Pro: There’s a wide variety of IM services available. Regardless of which students prefer, this app will help them stay connected. It services Facebook, Skype, Google Talk and others.
  28. iMovie: This app allows students to take their editing skills to the next level, creating movies with sound effects, music and more.
  29. inClass: This free app will help students stay organized, share notes with classmates and more.
  30. Instapaper: This app allows students to save web pages for later off-line reading. It’s particularly useful for longer articles and blog posts.
  31. Intro to Letters: Ideal for young students, this app teaches kids to recognize lower and upper case letters. The tracing game improves children’s fine motor skills.
  32. iSource MLA: An English student’s best friend, this app helps students make sure they’re citing correctly according to style of Modern Language Association.
  33. iStudiez Pro: Students can use this app to organize their schedules, set reminders for homework assignments, track grades and more.
  34. Juno’s Piano: This free app introduces students to the basics of piano and reading music.
  35. Kindle: Similar to iBooks, this app allows users to try books before they buy them. But this app allows students to access Amazon, which has a broader selection of books.
  36. Kno Textbooks: Students don’t have to lug heavy textbooks around if they have this app, which has over 200,000 titles.
  37. Moodboard: This app allows students to tap into their creativity on their iPad. Students can import photos, use built in backgrounds and layer photos. Students can also share completed projects on social media sites.
  38. myHomework: This student planner app helps kids track classes, homework, grades and assigments.
  39. NewsRack: This app allows students to stay on top of current events.
  40. Notes Plus: With this app, students can use their iPad to take notes in a variety of ways, including with handwriting, typed text, audio recording and more.
  41. Numbers: Students can create spreadsheets on their iPads with this app, which includes 250 easy-to-use functions.
  42. Offline Pages: With this app, students can save web pages to read at the next WiFi hot spot.
  43. Outliner: This app helps students create to-do lists, track projects, share outlines and collaborate with classmates and teachers.
  44. Pandora: Students can keep the study sessions going with this app, which allows users to stream music.
  45. Penultimate: For old-school note takers, this app lets students scribble their way through projects. This handwriting app allows students to use their tablets — without sacrificing the comfort of “putting pen to paper.”
  46. Pulse: Using this app, students can create a customized news feed that features their own interests.
  47. TED: Students can access presentations from a variety of sources, including business people, tech gurus and more.
  48. textPlus Free: This app allows users to text from their iPads.
  49. WordPress: Students can access, manage and edit WordPress blogs from their iPad with this app.
  50. Yelp: After all that studying, students can use this app to find something fun to do in the area.

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